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I provide criminal and DUI defense at reasonable flat rates. I work with clients to dismiss or reduce charges, limit penalties, and protect their interests and future. My background as a former Prosecutor provides experience and guidance to successfully represent you in every aspect of your case. I’ve defended hundreds of clients and handled thousands of cases in a wide range of charges ranging from DUI and traffic, to drug cases and serious felonies. No matter how challenging your case may be, I’m here to fight for you.

Do I Need an Attorney for my Criminal or DUI Case?

No matter what charges you face, having an experienced and dedicated Mesa DUI attorney can mean the difference between a good or bad outcome. Believe me—it’s easy to be taken advantage of when you don’t know your rights and options. The Prosecutor and the Judge see you as a number in the dozens of cases they handle every day. That’s why you need someone, by your side, to make sure your voice is heard and defenses are raised. The one commonality of successfully defended criminal cases is a defense attorney who understands the law and cares about his clients.  With the help of a compassionate and diligent Scottsdale DUI defense attorney, you stand a much better chance of reaching a desirable outcome.

Why Tobin Law Office?

Free criminal case consultation at Tobin Law Office of Arizona

Receive A Free Case Consultation

With a simple call or message, you’ll be put in direct contact with Attorney Tim Tobin. You’ll discuss the charges and facts, your background, and your options. Mr. Tobin will give you an honest assessment of your case. He’ll then explain how Tobin Law Office can improve your chances at a desirable outcome. Lastly, Mr. Tobin will provide you with as much information as possible to help reduce the anxiety about your future.

Call 480-447-4837 for a free and confidential consultation. You can also submit an online inquiry at my contact page.

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Transparent flat fees and payment plans criminal case attorney in Gilbert, Arizona

Affordable & Transparent Flat Rates

The thought of paying for a Mesa criminal defense attorney is understandably daunting and stressful. You want to pay a reasonable price in your budget, but you also want to make sure you receive an excellent legal defense.  I’m here to ease those competing concerns. At my office, you’ll receive a quality criminal defense at an affordable flat rate.

  • Affordable Payment Plans.
  • Transparent Flat Fees. There’s no surprises, gimmicks, or hidden fees. You’ll know your costs up front and only pay for the services you need. The price is fixed no matter how much time and resources it takes to successfully handle your case.
  • Multiple Payment Options. Almost all forms of payment are accepted.
Personal legal attention with Mesa, Arizona, criminal defense attorney

Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Client-Focused Service

I take a personalized approach to create customized defenses for my clients. My clients get the personal time and attention their case requires and deserves. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to an effective criminal defense. No client or case is the same, and as such, every case gets comprehensive and focused attention. Unlike larger firms, I take on a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure that every client receives the right amount of time and attention. Large criminal defense firms take as many cases as possible, treat clients like numbers, and pass off work to support staff. I don’t do that; I handle every aspect of cases from start to finish. I don’t pass off my clients to clerks, associates, secretaries, or paralegals.  When you hire me as your attorney, you’ll work with your attorney. As a client, you’ll receive my personal cell phone and e-mail for consistent and regular communication. 

Experienced criminal attorney and former prosecutor, Tim Tobin in Mesa, Arizona

Vast Experience & Former Prosecutor

  • Former Prosecutor: I’m a former Prosecutor of both Arizona and Hawaii. I’ve specifically prosecuted DUI and Drug Cases—and many more. Those years of experience provide valuable insight about the other side. I know how the State approaches a case and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Former Court-Appointed Defense Attorney: I’ve handled a wide variety of criminal defense matters on behalf of indigent clients as a court-appointed attorney. Those difficult and trying cases have provided me the experience and knowledge needed to maximize limited resources and ensure every legal avenue is pursued from start to finish.
  • Individualized Service for Clients: As a small office, my priority is to provide exceptional and individualized service. Every case receives my individualized time, attention, and care.

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