Arizona Class Three Misdemeanors

Arizona Class Three Misdemeanors Explained

For most, a misdemeanor charge is a first encounter with the law.  In this stressful situation, it’s wise to initiate a free consultation with an Arizona defense lawyer. A criminal attorney can explain the court process, address concerns, and provide proactive advice to protect your rights and future.

What is Class 3 Misdemeanor in Arizona?

There are three types of Misdemeanors in Arizona: class one, class two, and class three. Class three misdemeanors have the lowest maximum jail, fines, and probation under Arizona law.

Penalties for Arizona’s Class Three Misdemeanors.

Prison cannot be imposed on misdemeanor convictions; nevertheless, jail may be imposed. Arizona’s class three misdemeanors carry a maximum of one month in jail. If ordering less than one month in jail, the judge may impose up to one year of probation. Fines, assessments, fees, and surcharges may be imposed. With any jail, defendants must pay for jail costs, unless the judge waives jail fees.

Maximum Penalties for Class Three Misdemeanors in Arizona Under ARS 13-601(B)(3).

Additional Potential Penalties with Class Three Misdemeanors in Arizona.
Arizona judges may sentence defendants to a variety of corrective, rehabilitative, and restorative penalties; more common penalties are these:

  • Diversion or deferred judgment programs: these programs may include a combination of classes, counseling, treatment, and community service. Diversion provides an opportunity to earn a dismissal.
  • Restitution, ARS 13-804 to compensate victims for financial loss related to the criminal conduct.
  • Community service at non-profits.
  • License suspensions, revocations, or restrictions.
  • Driving School.
  • Counseling, classes, and treatment.

Collateral Consequences of Class Three Misdemeanors.
Class 3 misdemeanors adversely impact one’s life. Defendants should be aware of collateral consequences potentially involved with misdemeanors.

  • Permanent criminal record accessible to the public.
  • Loss of the right to own, use, or possess firearms.
  • Negative impact on one’s legal status, immigration, and re-entry.
  • Negative impacts on one’s current or future professional licensing.
  • Detriment to one’s employment or career.
  • Revocation, suspension, or restrictions on driving privileges.
  • Increase in vehicle insurance premiums.
  • Negative impact on custody and divorce proceedings.
  • More.

Which Arizona Courts Handle Misdemeanor Cases.

Criminal cases with only misdemeanor charges are heard in either city or justice court. The exact court is based on the location of the charged criminal conduct. Criminal conduct within city limits are referred to city courts. Conversely, criminal conduct on state property, highways, Indian territory, and unincorporated areas are referred to the justice court of that jurisdiction.

Tobin Law Office Helps Clients in All Types of Class Three Misdemeanors.

As a law office solely focused on criminal defense, we defend against all types of class three misdemeanors. Common charges include excessive speeding, leaving the scene of a parked car accident, assaultive touching, criminal trespass in the third degree, and more.

Criminal Defense Services Tobin Law Office Offers in Class Three Misdemeanor Cases.

  • Attend arraignments and routine hearings in place of clients so they don’t miss out on work, school, or family commitments.
  • Arrange and schedule phone appearances for clients outside the jurisdiction.
  • Quash arrest warrants, lift holds on licenses, and reinstate civil charges.
  • Arrange for communication between law enforcement and clients.
  • Modify release conditions previously ordered.
  • Obtain evidence: police reports, videos, recordings, and more.
  • File motions and argue for clients to return home or resume contact with victims and family members.
  • File and litigate motions and raise pre-trial defenses.
  • Communicate with the Court, judge, law enforcement, and prosecutors.
  • Protect a client’s right to remain silent and invoke the Fifth Amendment.
  • Negotiate for dismissal, diversion, deferred judgment, reduction, mitigation, misdemeanor compromise, and alternative sentencing.
  • Reinstate or preserve the right to use, possess, and own guns.
  • Arrange for depositions and recorded interviews of civilian witnesses and law enforcement officers.
  • Litigate and fight criminal charges at trial.
  • If necessary, help clients at sentencing to minimize or avoid penalties.
  • Set aside criminal convictions to restore firearm rights and cosmetically clean up one’s record.
  • More.
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