State v. A.W.

Defendant was charged with family abuse alleging mandatory jail. Plea negotiations and discussion with the Judge helped reduced the charge to a deferred acceptance plea of assault with no jail; the charge was dismissed after successful completion of probation.

State v. C.M.

Defendant was charged with family abuse and was facing mandatory jail and statutory conditions. Through victim recantation in consented defense interviews the matter was reduced to harassment with a fine.

State v. C.P.

Charges: Misdemeanor Theft. The Court accepted a deferred acceptance plea, whereby, at the conclusion of Defendant’s successful probation, the matter was dismissed with prejudice.

State v. D.G.

Defendant charged with terrorist threatening, disorderly conduct, and harassment. Case was reduced to disorderly conduct with a $100 fine and anger management.

State v. D.K.

Defendant charged with felony theft. Defendant was found not guilty at trial after exploiting inconsistency in co-Defendant accomplice testimony against Defendant.

State v. E.F.

Charges: 2 counts of felony assault, 1 count of misdemeanor assault, and one count of interference with reporting an emergency. Charges were dropped and reduced to mutual affray (combat) as a misdemeanor. A no-contest plea was deferred and the charge was dismissed and expunged from Defendant’s record.

State v. J.C.

Defendant charged with Felony Entry into Motor Vehicle, Criminal Property Damage, and Assault. Defendant had a recent felony conviction and was facing several years in the Department of Corrections. Plea negotiations reduced the case to a misdemeanors with 90 days jail and probation.

State v. K.H.

Defendant charged with Burglary, Criminal Property Damage, Theft, and Criminal Trespass. Defense successfully motioned to dismiss on the trial date. The matter was refiled and Defense successfully motioned the court to transfer the matter to the Attorney General’s Office. The Deputy Attorney General agreed to dismiss after defense investigation and interviews revealed that exculpatory evidence was purposefully withheld from defense on the day of trial. The matter was dismissed with prejudice upon the Defendant agreeing not to seek civil damages against the State.

State v. K.P.

Defendant was charged with criminal trespass. Defense filed motions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction over protected Native Hawaiian gathering rights. Based on the motions and evidence presented the dismissal was granted.

State v. K.R.

Charges: Burglary and Theft. Motion to Suppress Evidence was filed and granted due to search and seizure violation. Nevertheless, matter went to trial and Defendant was acquitted of all charges by directed verdict for lack of evidence.

State v. M.C.

Defendant was charged with Felony Burglary, Property Damage, and Theft. Defendant had a lengthy criminal history and was facing a lengthy prison term. Negotiations and investigation reduced the matter to misdemeanors with some jail and probation.

State v. M.R.

Charges: Misdemeanor Assault. Defense interviews and background check of alleged victim established there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction.

State v. R.C.

Criminal Property Damage. Matter was dismissed after plea negotiations with the prosecutors. Defense investigations revealed there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction.

State v. R.S.

State v. R.S. 2012 8.28.12 Charges: Terrorist Threatening and Family Abuse. Dismissed with prejudice after plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

State v. R.Y.

Charges: Failure to comply with Sex Offender Registration. Dismissed without prejudice prior to trial. Defense presented mitgating circumstances and reasonable doubts to the State. The State agreed to dismiss without prejudice. State promised not to refile so long as Defendant continued to comply with registration laws.

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