Arizona Class One Misdemeanors

Arizona Class One Misdemeanors Explained

Arizona has many types of class one misdemeanors. For most, a class 1 misdemeanor is a first encounter with the law, which can be overwhelming and stressful. To ease concerns and understand the situation, defendants should set up a free consultation with an Arizona criminal lawyer. A defense attorney can ease common concerns and provide proactive advice to protect your rights and future.

What is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Arizona?

Arizona has three misdemeanor classes: class 1; class 2; and, class 3. ARS 13-601. Class one is the most serious because it carries the harshest penalties.

What are the Potential Penalties for a Class One Misdemeanor?

Defendants cannot get prison for an Arizona misdemeanor; however, jail may be imposed. A class 1 misdemeanor carries anywhere from no penalty to six months jail. When ordering less than six months jail, the judge can order up to three years of probation. Fines, fees, and surcharges are commonly ordered. Absent a waiver from the Court, Defendants must also pay for the cost of incarceration.

Maximum Penalties for Class 1 misdemeanors in Arizona Under ARS 13-601(B)(1).

Other Penalties a judge Might Impose for a Class 1 Misdemeanor.
Arizona’s misdemeanor judges order several types of corrective, punitive, and restorative penalties. Here are some common ones.

Collateral Consequences of a Class 1 Misdemeanor Conviction in Arizona.
A class one misdemeanor can leave impacts beyond the courtroom. Defendants should be aware of these common collateral consequences.

  • Permanent criminal record that’s discoverable by agencies, institutions, and employers.
  • Loss of the right to own or possess firearms.
  • Negative impact on immigration, legal status, and the ability to gain citizenship.
  • Professional licensing implications.
  • Loss of career opportunities.
  • Driver’s license revocations, suspensions, or restrictions.
  • Negative impact on custody and divorce proceedings.
  • Insurance increases.
  • And much more.

Which Courts Handle Class 1 Misdemeanors in Arizona?

Cases with only misdemeanor charges are sent to city or justice court. Court assignments are based on the location of the alleged criminal conduct. Alleged criminal activity within city limits are sent to city court. Criminal charges from state property, highways, Indian territory, and unincorporated areas are sent to justice court.

Tobin Law Office Defends Clients in all Types of Class 1 Misdemeanors.

As a law office solely focused on criminal defense, we regularly handle all types of misdemeanors. Common class one misdemeanors we defend against include: DUI, assault, threatening and intimidating, disorderly conduct, drug paraphernalia, minor in possession of alcohol, possession of prescription only drug, driving on a suspended license, aggressive driving, criminal damage, shoplifting, and resisting arrest.

  • Customary Criminal Defense Services Our Office Provides.
  • Attend hearings for clients so they don’t miss work or family commitments.
  • Setup telephonic hearings for clients living outside the jurisdiction.
  • Quash outstanding arrest warrants.
  • Lift holds on driver’s licenses.
  • Modify release conditions.
  • Help clients return to the family home.
  • Raise pre-trial defenses and motions.
  • Prepare and file custom written motions.
  • Act as the communication liaison between the client and the State.
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor for dismissal, diversion, deferred judgment, reduction, or mitigation.
  • Protect or reinstate firearm rights.
  • Recover police reports, videos, photos, 911 calls, transcripts, and all relevant discovery.
  • Invoke a client’s right to remain silent.
  • Perform recorded interviews with police and civilian witnesses.
  • Fight charges at trial.
  • If necessary, represent clients at sentencing.
  • File motions to set aside convictions.
  • Restore rights.
  • And much more.
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