What Traffic Crime Are You Charged With?

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Tobin Law Office: A Mesa Criminal Traffic Attorney That Protects Your Record and Driver’s License

Welcome to our page on Arizona criminal traffic offenses. We hope that our website helps you understand your criminal traffic charge, potential financial and legal consequences, and available legal defenses for your charges. At Tobin Law Office in Mesa, Arizona, our goal is to offer clear and concise information about your case, while easing concerns you might have about your record, license, and future.

In the section above, you’ll find information on common criminal traffic offenses. If one applies to you, please click to receive a detailed explanation of your charges and professional legal advice. If you don’t see your specific charge listed above, or if you would simply like some free legal advice, you can call us at 480-447-4837 today to discuss the details of your case with an experienced Mesa traffic law attorney. At Tobin Law Office, our team of experienced criminal lawyers provide free and friendly case consultations to ease your concerns and make sense of your options.

In addition to facing a criminal record, jail, fines, and community service, a criminal traffic conviction carries points that attach to your license. These points raise your insurance and put your license at risk for suspension. Understanding the driver license point system and license suspensions under Arizona law can be difficult. Click here to read about driver license points and suspension in the state of Arizona.

It’s strongly advised that you consult with a dedicated criminal traffic attorney in Mesa, Arizona, to preserve your legal rights, protect your future, and achieve the best possible outcome. Call us today for a free and friendly consultation on your Arizona criminal traffic matter. We have the most affordable criminal defense attorneys in Arizona, providing you with flat rates, low fees, and payment plans.

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