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Attorney Tim Tobin Provides Wide Range Of Mesa Criminal Defense Services When charged with a crime in Mesa, Arizona, you face a severe and permanent penalties. Even a misdemeanor conviction leaves you with a criminal record that’s accessible to agencies and employers. For these reasons, and more, you need a Mesa, AZ criminal defense attorney that’s experienced in Arizona’s criminal laws, and more specifically, familiar with Mesa, Arizona’s criminal courts.

Attorney Timothy Tobin has practiced criminal law for several years providing clients with excellent and dedicated criminal defense services. Conveniently located off of the US 60 on Stapley Drive, Tobin Law Office is close to all the Mesa criminal courts.

Mr. Tobin is a former prosecutor of two different prosecuting agencies and has specifically prosecuted Mesa Police Department Cases. He’s familiar with Mesa’s Courts, Mesa’ Prosecutors, Mesa’s Judges, and Mesa’s Police Officers. When charged with a crime in Mesa, it’s crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney that not only knows Arizona law, but also familiar with Mesa’s Courts: Mesa Municipal Court, Mesa’s Superior Court, North Mesa Justice Court, East Mesa Justice Court, and West Mesa Justice Court. Tobin Law Office is near all these Courts, and as such, Mr. Tobin regularly handles at each of them.

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Tobin Law Office Handles a Wide Range of Criminal Cases in Mesa, Arizona.

Tobin Law Office defends against any type of misdemeanor and felony charges in Mesa, Arizona. Some of the most common charges are the following:

Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney | Tobin Law Office

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    Misdemeanor Criminal Courts in Mesa, Arizona

    If you’re facing a criminal misdemeanor charges in Mesa, Arizona, it’s either in Mesa’s Municipal Court or in one of Mesa’s Justice Court. Refer to your police paperwork to check which Court you must appear before.  As a general rule, individuals charged by Mesa City Police will be in the Mesa Municipal Court. On the other hand, those persons arrested by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) or Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) will likely be in one of Mesa’s Justice Courts. Below is a list of these criminal misdemeanor courts.

    Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Tobin

    Tobin Law Office Provides Effective and Experienced Criminal Defense Services in Mesa.

    Being charged with a crime is daunting and stressful experience. Mesa, AZ criminal charges carry permanent consequences to your life, future, and livelihood. Depending on the charges, you can face prison, jail, probation, classes, community service, fines, fees, restitution, and more.

    When charged with a misdemeanor in Mesa, Arizona, representing yourself is a bad idea. Arizona criminal law is complex, harsh and unforgiving. On your own, you’ll find yourself negotiation your future with skilled prosecutors and Judges that want to convict and punish you. No one at Court is there to protect your interests—not the judge, not the prosecutor, and not the police. The only person who will represent your interests is a skilled criminal defense attorney. Successfully defended criminal charges in Mesa, AZ need a Mesa defense attorney; someone who understands Arizona DUI laws and Mesa’s Courts. You want someone who’s ready to put in the time that your Case deserves to get the best possible outcome. 

    Tobin Law Office offers:

    Tim Tobin, Your Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney!

    • Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans: Tobin Law Office charges clients a flat fee for your entire criminal case. That means no surprises and no hidden costs. Trust our affordable criminal defense law firm in Arizona to help you.
    • Former Mesa Prosecutor: Attorney Timothy Tobin is a former Prosecutor of Mesa, Arizona. Mr. Tobin prosecuted criminal cases as a former Deputy County Attorney at the Mesa Superior Court office.
    • Personal Service and Regular Communication with Clients: Attorney Tobin handles all aspects of his clients’ cases. He does not pass of work or responsibilities to secretaries, paralegals, or associates. When you hire Tobin Law Office, you’ll only work with Mr. Tobin. And as Mr. Tobin’s client, you’ll have his personal cell phone and email for regular communication.
    • Free and Confidential Consultations: When you call or message Tobin Law Office, Mr. Tobin will talk with you on the phone or in person. You can discuss your specific charges and situations, as well as what can be done to maximize the chances at a desirable outcome in your case. Mr. Tobin will also answer your questions to help alleviate some of the stress and anxieties that come with criminal charges.

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    “I am beyond grateful that I stumbled upon Mr.Tobin's profile. The end result turned out better than I expected!”

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