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Tempe’s DUI courts often times impose harsh DUI Penalties. Mandatory and discretionary penalties can include jail, fines, assessments, surcharges, license suspensions, interlock, increased insurance, drug and alcohol classes, community service, and more. This adds up to incredible stress, frequent trips to Court and MVD, and thousands of dollars. Worst of all, a Tempe DUI conviction may leave a permanent criminal conviction that will show up in background checks.

If you or a loved one is facing a Tempe DUI, it’s important to immediately consult a professional Tempe DUI lawyer. With a brief consultation, you’ll learn about the crucial and time-sensitive actions that should be taken. For instance, there’s only 15 days to request a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office to avoid the immediate suspension of your driver’s license. It also may be wise to arrange for a preliminary alcohol screening, which can help get your license back sooner.

Tempe DUI Lawyer Timothy Tobin provides clients with excellent and compassionate DUI representation. Mr. Tobin, a former DUI Prosecutor for Maricopa County, has specifically prosecuted cases coming from the Tempe and Arizona State University Police Departments. He’s familiar with Tempe’s DUI agencies, including Tempe Police, ASU Police, Tempe Prosecutor’s Office, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Tempe Municipal Court, University Lakes Justice Court, and Kyrene Justice Court. With our office on Stapley Drive, we’re only 15 minutes from the Tempe Municipal Court, Kyrene Justice Court, and University Lakes Justice Court.

What are the potential penalties in a Tempe, Arizona DUI case?

Potential penalties are highly dependent on the specific DUI charges, your criminal history, and the specific DUI Court you’re in. Minimum DUI penalties range from years in prison to just one day in jail. If a DUI is reduced to a non-DUI offense, jail can be completely avoided. Our comprehensive summary of Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI Penalties provides an excellent starting point to understand what penalties apply to your DUI case.

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Tempe DUI Cases Have Two Components.

The Scottsdale DUI attorneys at Tobin Law Office can represent you in both parts of your DUI, while providing comprehensive guidance.

  1. MVD Hearing: the MVD part of DUI deals with the potential suspension or revocation of your license. When arrested for DUI, it may be wise to request a hearing with MVD. Keep in mind, though, you only have 15 days to request a hearing before your license is automatically suspended. In some circumstances, it may be wiser to agree to the suspension or request a summary review hearing.
  2. Criminal Case: The criminal DUI court process determines what charges you’re guilty or not guilty of. Ultimately, the case is either dismissed, plea bargained, or set for trial.

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Free, Friendly and Confidential Consultations: We’re glad to answer any questions you have about your DUI. There’s never a sales pitch. We only provide honest advice about your Tempe DUI to reduce your anxieties, fears, and concerns.

    Tempe, AZ DUI Courts.

    When charged with a misdemeanor DUI out of Tempe, Arizona, it will likely be in either the Tempe Municipal Court, University Lakes Justice Court, or Kyrene Justice Court. To determine which court you’re in, reference your police paperwork. If you didn’t get a court date from police, you can figure out which Court you’re in by the department that pulled you over. If it was Tempe Police, you’ll likely be in the Tempe Municipal Court. Often times, Tempe police will mail you a court summons with your first court date. With ASU police, your case will likely be at the University Lakes or Kyrene Justice Courts. ASU police will typically give you a court date at the time of arrest.

    Tempe Municipal Court
    140 E 5th St
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Phone: 480-350-8270
    Fax: 480-350-2789

    Kyrene Justice Court
    San Tan Regional Court Center
    201 E Chicago St Suite 104
    Chandler AZ 85225
    Phone: 602-372-3400
    Fax: 602-372-3494

    University Lakes Justice Court Location
    San Tan Regional Court Center
    201 E Chicago St Suite 101
    Chandler AZ 85225
    Phone: 602-372-3400
    Fax: 602-372-3414

    Tobin Law Office Offers Professional DUI Representation from Start to Finish.

    Individuals charged with a DUI in Tempe, Arizona face severe and permanent consequences. As such, it’s never wise face it alone. With severe DUI penalties, you’re up against the DUI judge, DUI officers, and DUI prosecutor. No one from the government has your best interest at heart—they only see you as a Defendant to cross of their docket. That’s why it’s important to retain a DUI attorney.

    To fully protect your rights and interests, you want a criminal defense attorney who’s familiar with Arizona’s complex DUI laws, as well as Tempe’s DUI courts. You also want a DUI attorney who will put in the effort and time your case deserves. At Tobin Law Office, we offer this and more:

    Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans: Defense Attorney Tim Tobin provides an experienced DUI defense with local knowledge of Tempe’s DUI courts. We do this at a reasonable flat rate. There’s no hidden fees, surcharges, or costs. You know the entire price up front. We provide the highest quality, most affordable criminal defense in Arizona.

    Familiarity with Tempe’s DUI Courts: Being a short distance from Tempe’s courts, Mr. Tobin appears in Tempe DUI cases frequently.

    Former DUI Prosecutor: Attorney Timothy Tobin specifically prosecuted DUI cases from the Tempe and ASU police departments in his former position as a Maricopa County prosecutor.

    Personal Attention and Open Communication: Tobin Law Office is solely focused on criminal and DUI defense. Unlike large firms, we limit the number of DUI cases we take so that clients receive adequate time and attention. And rather than going through support staff, you’ll work directly with Mr. Tobin.

    Tobin Law Office Provides the Following in a Tempe DUI.

    • We take the stress out of the DUI procedure by going to Court in your place. There’s typically about 3 to 6 court dates. This can be stressful and time consuming for those facing a DUI. You won’t have to take time away from work or family. We handle everything at Court for you.
    • Present relevant arguments and defenses to the Tempe, Arizona DUI charges.
    • Interview and record witnesses.
    • Fight the suspension of your license at an MVD hearing.
    • Minimize the effect of any license suspension.
    • Avoid increases insurance premiums.
    • Avoid or reduce community service hours.
    • Avoid or minimize alcohol classes.
    • Advocate for less jail, work release, home detention and probation.
    • Reduce monetary fines, penalties, fees, and assessments.

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