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DUI Courts serving San Tan Valley, Arizona impose harsh DUI Penalties. Those Penalties include jail, fines and fees, loss of driver’s license, an interlock device, probation, classes, treatment, counseling, and higher insurance costs. All of this easily adds up to thousands upon thousands of dollars. There’s more: a San Tan Valley DUI can leave you with a permanent conviction that’s accessible to government agencies and employers.

When charged with a San Tan Valley DUI, it’s best to consult an experienced Arizona DUI Lawyer to understand your rights and options as soon as possible. There are many time sensitive steps in a San Tan Valley DUI. For example, you usually only have fifteen days to demand a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office to stop MVD from suspending your driver’s license.

When arrested for DUI in San Tan Valley, the best thing to do is hire an affordable Arizona criminal defense attorney with payment plans who consistently practices in San Tan Valley. San Tan Valley DUI Attorney Tim Tobin has practiced DUI law for several years. He offers focused and comprehensive DUI representation for those facing a DUI out of San Tan Valley. Mr. Tobin is also a former DUI Prosecutor who specifically prosecuted cases from the areas of Gilbert, East Mesa, Apache Junction, and San Tan Valley. Defending against DUI charges in those areas often, Tobin Law Office is familiar with the agencies, courts, prosecutors, and judges in San Tan Valley cases. With a convenient location on Stapley Drive off the US 60, Tobin Law Office is only a few miles from the DUI courts serving San Tan Valley.

What are the penalties in a San Tan Valley DUI Charge?

San Tan Valley DUI penalties depends on what DUI charges you’re charged with, as well as any previous DUI convictions. Minimum penalties range anywhere from a night in jail to serious prison time. See our summary on Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI Penalties.

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A San Tan Valley DUI Has Two Components.

Attorney Tim Tobin provides effective representation in both aspects of a San Tan Valley DUI.

1. MVD License Hearing: MVD can suspend or revoke your driver’s license after a DUI arrest. After being arrested or cited for DUI, you must request a hearing within fifteen days or risk the automatic suspension of your license.

2. Criminal DUI Charges: A criminal court will hear your San Tan Valley DUI case. This part of the DUI process addresses the criminal charges. The criminal procedure determines your guilt or innocence, as well as any penalties.

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    San Tan Valley’s Misdemeanor DUI Courts.

    If you’ve been charged with a DUI out of San Tan Valley, Arizona by Maricopa County’s Sheriff’s Office, or Department of Public Safety, the case will most likely be in San Tan Justice Court, which oversees a large part of San Tan Valley’s jurisdictional boundaries. However, if you’re charged by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, your case would more likely be in the Apache Junction Justice Court, which serves areas of San Tan Valley.

    San Tan Justice Court
    San Tan Regional Court Center
    201 E. Chicago Street, Suite 102, Chandler, AZ
    Judge: Samuel Goodman
    T: 602.372.3400
    F: 602.372.3441

    Apache Junction Justice Court
    Roy Hudson Complex
    575 N Idaho Rd, Suite 200, Apache Junction, AZ
    Judge: Shaun Babeu
    T: 480.982.2921
    F: 520.866.6153

    Tobin Law Office Provides Excellent DUI Defense in San Tan Valley Cases.

    When facing DUI charges from San Tan Valley, AZ, you’re up against complex and lasting penalties. That’s why it’s unwise to represent yourself. In the face of severe DUI consequences, you might bargain away your options, rights, and future against a trained DUI Prosecutor. Mr. Tobin will tell you, from his experience as a DUI prosecutor, that the agencies handling San Tan Valley DUI cases don’t have your best interests in mind; they’ll only view you as a number in a long line of DUI Defendants.

    For the best result in your San Tan Valley DUI case, you want a Scottsdale DUI defense lawyer who’s well-versed and practiced in Arizona’s DUI laws, as well as with San Tan Valley’s DUI courts. You’ll also want an attorney that will offer the necessary dedication and energy your case deserves.

    Tobin Law Office provides these benefits in your San Tan Valley DUI:

    Experienced Aggressive San Tan DUi Attorney Tim Tobin

    • Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans:  Tobin Law Office offers quality and knowledgeable DUI representation at a flat rate. The cost of an effective DUI defense is known up front with no surprises or hidden costs.
    • Familiarity with the San Tan Valley DUI Courts: Being a short distance from the DUI Courts handling San Tan Valley cases, Tobin Law Office appears in them often.
    • Former DUI Prosecutor: Mr. Tobin is a former DUI prosecutor; he handled cases arising out of the areas of Gilbert, East Mesa, San Tan Valley, and Apache Junction.
    • Personal Attention and Excellent Communication:  Attorney Timothy Tobin handles all aspects of the DUI process. Clients don’t need to go through secretaries or paralegals. Instead, they have Mr. Tobin’s direct cell phone and email for constant communication.
    • Consultations are Always Free: When you reach out to us, you’ll be put in direct contact with Mr. Tobin to discuss your case and have your questions answered right away.

    Tobin Law Office Can Provide the Following, and More, in Your San Tan Valley DUI

    • Attend most court hearings on your behalf so don’t take time from work or family.
    • Raise available DUI defenses.
    • Negotiate with the prosecutor for a dismissal or reduction.
    • Challenge the MVD license suspension.
    • Help avoid higher vehicle insurance costs.
    • Prevent or reduce the penalties and consequences of a San Tan Valley DUI.

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