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Expert DUI Defense Gilbert AZ Gilbert, Arizona DUI cases carry severe and permanent DUI penalties and consequences. If you’re convicted of a Gilbert DUI, you’ll be sentenced to jail, thousands of dollars in payments to the Gilbert Courts, loss of your driver’s license, counseling, community service, and more. Worst of all, a DUI conviction in Gilbert, Arizona leaves you with a permanent criminal record that hurts your freedom, future, and employment.

For these reasons, when facing a Gilbert DUI, it’s crucial to consult with a top-rated Scottsdale DUI attorney focused on defending Gilbert DUI cases. And the clock’s ticking: following a DUI arrest, you often have fifteen (15) days to seek a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office. If you don’t, you risk losing your driver’s license.

Arizona DUI lawyer Tim Tobin is a seasoned DUI lawyer; he provides clients with aggressive and dedicated DUI representation in Gilbert’s DUI Courts.

Mr. Tobin is a former Gilbert DUI Prosecutor: he specifically was Maricopa County’s DUI prosecutor at Gilbert’s Highland Justice Court. Mr. Tobin prosecuted cases from the Gilbert Police Department and the Department of Public Safety. As such, Mr. Tobin is experienced with the Gilbert Judges, Gilbert Prosecutors, Gilbert Police, and Gilbert Courts.

Tobin Law Office is on Stapley Drive only four (4) miles north of the Gilbert Municipal Court and Highland Justice Court—both located at 55 E Civic Center Drive near the cross streets of Gilbert and Warner.

The Penalties You Face in a Gilbert DUI.

When charged with a Gilbert DUI, there are mandated minimum penalties that you’re up against. Jail penalties range from 1 night in jail to many years in prison. Take a look at Mr. Tobin’s summary on Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI Penalties for a primer on Gilbert DUI charges.

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1910 S. Stapley Dr., Suite 221
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Gilbert, Arizona has Two DUI Courts.

When charged with a misdemeanor DUI in Gilbert, your case will be in one of two Courts: Gilbert City Court or Highland Justice Court. Conveniently, both courts are in the same courthouse near the crossroads of Gilbert and Warner. The Highland Justice DUI Court is on the first floor and Gilbert Municipal DUI Courts are on the second floor.

Reference your police paperwork to determine which Court you’re in. If you were arrested by the Gilbert Police Department, then you should be in the Gilbert Municipal Court upstairs. Conversely, if you were arrested by either the Department of Public Safety or the Sheriff’s Office, then you should be downstairs in the Highland Justice Court.

Gilbert Municipal Court
55 E Civic Center Dr #101
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 635-7800
Fax: (480) 635-7820

Highland Justice Court
55 E Civic Center Dr #101
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Judge: Steven Urie
Phone: (602) 372-8300
Fax: (602) 372-8301

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    If you’re presently charged with a Gilbert DUI, you’ll need an experienced Gilbert DUI attorney. There are lasting and harsh penalties involved in a Gilbert DUI conviction. In Gilbert’s DUI courts, Defendants find themselves against Gilbert’s highly skilled DUI prosecutors and judges. As a former Gilbert DUI prosecutor, Mr. Tobin can tell you that Gilbert’s prosecutors and judges aren’t there to help you. To them, you’re just a number and another DUI conviction.

    When faced with a Gilbert DUI, you need DUI lawyer who’s intimately familiar with Arizona’s DUI laws and the Gilbert Courts. That attorney should be ready put in the necessary time and work into your Gilbert DUI case.

    Tobin Law Office is familiar with Gilbert DUI courts and provides proven experience and guidance.

    • Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans:  Tobin Law Office represents clients in Gilbert DUI cases at an affordable flat rate and no surprises or hidden fees. Our affordable criminal defense attorneys in Arizona our proud to help.
    • Mr. Tobin is familiar with Gilbert DUI Cases: Located only a couple miles away from the Gilbert DUI Courts, and practicing in those courts regularly, Mr. Tobin provides excellent and experienced DUI defense in Gilbert Courts.
    • Former Gilbert DUI Prosecutor: Attorney Timothy Tobin was Maricopa County’s Gilbert DUI prosecutor. He specifically handled all the DUI cases at the Highland Justice Court, which is located on the first floor of Gilbert Municipal Court.
    • Former Contract Public Defender: Attorney Tobin defended a large volume of court-appointed criminal defense cases, which gave him the skills and experience to maximize limited resources and legal avenues in DUI cases.
    • Personal Attention and Constant Communication: Tobin Law Office is solely focused on criminal and DUI defense. Attorney Tobin personally handles all the firm’s DUI cases. As such, clients don’t have to work with legal secretaries, clerks, or paralegals. Instead, they work directly with Mr. Tobin. He gives all his clients his email and cell phone for accessible contact.

    Contact Tobin Law Office for a Free Consultation Today.

    Consultations are always free and confidential: Either on the phone or in person, Mr. Tobin will discuss your Gilbert DUI with you. He’ll also talk about your options and defenses when facing a DUI in Gilbert. Mr. Tobin will try to give you as much information as possible to alleviate the stress and concerns that come with a Gilbert DUI.

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