Affordable Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney with Payment Plans

Tobin Law Office provides professional, experienced, and dedicated criminal defense at a flat rate that won’t break the bank.

We’re a professional law office exclusively focused on criminal defense. By keeping overhead and advertising to a minimum, we offer affordable representation without sacrificing quality. We don’t carry bloated marketing, advertising, or sales costs to pass onto clients. Instead, we focus on being a quality criminal defense office with excellent reputation and referrals from former clients, friends, and family.

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    Top Rated Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers with Payment Plans

    Tobin Law Office is a local Arizona criminal defense law firm providing effective criminal defense in a variety of criminal charges. When you enlist the help of our team of criminal defense attorneys, you’ll receive a free and friendly consultation from Timothy Tobin. Because of the consistency of some of the matters we handle, we offer payment plans as well as transparent, flat rates for high-quality criminal defense. Contact our top-rated Mesa criminal defense law office to find out more about how our payment plans work.

    Affordable Flat Fee Legal Representation in Criminal Cases

    Affordable Flat Fee Legal Representation in Criminal Cases

    We’re focused solely on criminal defense, and we offer services at affordable flat rates. When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you want to pay a reasonable price, but ensure you have a dedicated and experienced criminal lawyer protecting your future, rights, and interests. Tobin Law Office is here for you. At our office, you can be confident that Queen Creek criminal defense attorney, Tim Tobin, will handle your case professionally, competently, and responsibly. And with flat-rate pricing, there are no hidden costs, fees, or surcharges. The total legal fees are known upfront, no matter how long it takes to handle your case.

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Arizona?

    Many factors are considered in pricing our services. It varies on the charges, court, complexity, potential consequences, travel considerations, required expertise, and much more. For example, criminal traffic representation is less expensive than homicide defense. This is due to the difference in complexity and time involved. Tobin Law Office operates on flat fee representation, which is based on a good-faith estimation of the anticipated work. For many common charges, our fees are consistent. Fees might vary on geographic factors and anticipated ligation. The flat fee is a fixed cost for the entire case. There are no surprises or hidden costs.

    Affordable Arizona Criminal Attorney With Payment Plans


    Low Cost Criminal Defense Attorney Local in Arizona

    Tobin Law Office has a strong record for successfully helping those who need our criminal defense services. Not only do we offer a top-rated criminal defense, but we do it with flat rates and low fees to ensure that you get the most affordable representation in Arizona. With Tobin Law Office, are no surprises, hidden costs, or gimmicks, making us a trustworthy and cost-effective choice to take care of your criminal defense. With fixed costs, we will handle your case successfully, no matter how long it takes. Consult with Timothy Tobin to learn more about our payment plans and cost-effective legal rates.

    Tim Was Fantastic!

    “He was professional and very efficient and organized. He was able to get a criminal speeding ticket dismissed upon completion of traffic school. He took care of all the court appearances and minimized the stress of the whole situation. We were very happy we hired him to handle our case.”

    – Mesa ★★★★★


    “Tim was very efficient and thorough. Can't express how impressed I am with how easy he made the entire process. He was also affordable. I received a quote from another firm that was over 4 times higher than Tim quoted. Tobin Law Office is who you want protecting your freedom.”

    – Mesa ★★★★★

    Highly Recommended

    “I'm totally amazed at how Tim managed to get my charge reduced. Tim was always available to me during the entire ordeal, he constantly advised me and led me through the entire process. I highly recommend the Tobin Law Office.”

    – Mesa ★★★★★
    Why Flat Fee Representation?

    Why Flat Fee Representation?

    Clients generally prefer flat fees because the entire cost is known upfront. No one wants surprise bills, hidden fees, or surcharges. Attorney Tim Tobin evaluates your case during an initial consultation. Based on the charges, court, and circumstances, he provides a flat fee that covers your entire criminal case.

    Affordable Payment Plans

    Affordable Payment Plans

    Criminal defense is an unexpected expense. As such, we understand it’s often difficult to front the entire retainer. Tobin Law Office offers affordable payment plans to accommodate the sudden inconvenience of prosecution. With an initial down payment, clients can retain an experienced attorney at the onset of the case to ensure their interests, rights, and freedoms are protected immediately.

    Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Financing

    It’s no secret that legal aid of any kind can quickly become costly depending on your needs, which is why our criminal defense firm offers affordable financing. Sub-par representation shouldn’t come at the cost of outrageous attorney fees. With the financing we have available, you can get a high-quality criminal defense at an affordable rate, keeping your wallet and your freedoms intact. Our payment plans are designed to be affordable and manageable so that your case takes precedent. Call our criminal law office today to learn about our available financing options.

    Affordable Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer with Pay Plans

    Affordable Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer with Pay Plans

    If you need an Apache Junction criminal defense lawyer but you’re worried about the costs, contact Tobin Law Office and get affordable criminal defense with payment plans and flat rates.

    5 Star Flat Rate Criminal Defense Lawyers Nearby

    Five Star Flat Rate Criminal Defense Lawyers Nearby

    Tobin Law Office is a local criminal defense law office that offers five-star criminal defense at a flat rate so that your life isn’t determined by your ability to pay outrageous fees. Contact us for a free consultation.

    Five Star Criminal Lawyers That Take Payments in Arizona

    Five Star Criminal Lawyers That Take Payments in Arizona

    As a top-rated criminal defense attorney, Tobin Law Office has a team of criminal defense attorneys in San Tan who offer payment plans to give you an affordable, top-rated defense.

    Affordable Defense Attorneys in AZ with Financing Options

    Affordable Defense Attorneys in Arizona with Financing Options

    The Tempe criminal defense lawyers at Tobin Law office are affordable defense lawyers in Arizona that offer a variety of financing options for all of our criminal defense services.

    Low Cost Criminal Attorneys Near Me with Flat Rate Costs

    Low-Cost Criminal Attorneys Near Me with Flat Rate Costs

    Get a team of low-cost defense attorneys near you that provide you with affordable criminal defense throughout the Valley, offering payment plans and flat rates.

    Flat Rate Criminal Lawyer Nearby with Flexible Payments

    Flat Rate Criminal Lawyer Nearby with Flexible Payments

    The Scottsdale criminal defense attorneys at Tobin Law Office provide flat rate criminal defense services with flexible payment plans to help give you a cost-effective and top-rated defense.

    All Forms of Payment Accepted

    All Forms of Payment are Accepted

    We accept all debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Card transactions can be done with installments with our professional and secure payment processor LawPay. Clients can also access our secure payment portal for easy and seamless payments. With all transactions, receipts are immediately emailed to clients for their records. For clients living outside the county, state, or country, online payments are the preferred method of payment. 

    Payment Plans Offered Regardless of One’s Situation

    Payment Plans Offered Regardless of One’s Situation

    At Tobin Law Office, we don’t treat clients differently based on their income, assets, or background. There’s no additional cost for taking advantage of our payment plan option. Tobin Law Office also accepts checks, wires, money orders, and cash. Payments can be made in person, online, and over the phone. Friends and family can make a payment on behalf of clients.

    Call Tobin Law Office for A Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

    Affordable Criminal Lawyers With Flexible Payment Options

    Tobin can answer questions, ease concerns, and provide a flat price. He’s glad to provide free and friendly consultations. At Tobin Law Office, consultations never involve a sales pitch or pressure to hire. Instead, Mr. Tobin evaluates your case, provides thoughtful options, and lays out potential outcomes.

    Call the Chandler criminal defense lawyers at Tobin Law Office to speak with a friendly representative who can connect you with Mr. Tobin to discuss your case. No matter the time of day, someone will take your call. You won’t get a voicemail recording at Tobin Law Office.

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