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Apache Junction DUI cases carry harsh and lasting DUI Penalties. Those penalties includes the loss or suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, years of probation, classes, treatment, and monetary assessments. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars. In addition, any type of Apache Junction DUI conviction leaves a permanent criminal record, which might interfere with your future.

When facing a DUI charge out of Apache Junction, Arizona, it’s imperative that you speak with a knowledgeable Arizona DUI Lawyer. You’ll want to know your rights before opportunities are forfeited. For instance, after being arrested for DUI, you might only have fifteen days to formally seek a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office; this action suspends the automatic and immediate license suspension on the 15th day.

If you’ve been charged with any type of DUI charge out of Apache Junction, it’s crucial to hire an Arizona criminal defense lawyer that regularly practices in Apache Junction’s DUI courts. Apache Junction DUI Attorney Tim Tobin has practiced DUI law for several years providing clients with aggressive and comprehensive DUI representation. Mr. Tobin, a former DUI and drug Prosecutor, has specifically prosecuted criminal cases arising out of the East Valley, including Apache Junction. Now defending DUI clients in Apache Junction often, Tobin Law Office is familiar with the DUI agencies, courts, prosecutors, and judges from Apache Junction. Tobin Law Office is located in the East Valley off of the US 60 in Mesa; it’s only a 20 minute drive from Apache Junction’s DUI Courts.

What are the penalties in an Apache Junction DUI case?

Potential consequences in an Apache Junction DUI case depends on the specific DUI charges and any criminal history—especially previous DUI convictions. The minimum penalties can range anywhere from one night in Pinal County jail to several years in prison. Please look at Mr. Tobin’s summary of Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI Penalties for a comprehensive and detailed overview of the minimum and maximum penalties in an Apache Junction DUI.

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An Apache Junction DUI Case Has Two Parts

Attorney Tim Tobin offers excellent defense in both phases of an Apache Junction DUI Case.

1. MVD Hearing: MVD involves the potential suspension or loss of your driver’s license. When arrested for an Apache Junction DUI, you may need to immediately request a hearing or suffer automatic suspension of your driving privilege.

2. Criminal DUI Case: The criminal court part of an Apache Junction DUI concerns which charges you’re guilty of, if any.

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    Apache Junction’s Misdemeanor DUI Courts.

    If you were arrested, cited, or charged with a DUI from Apache Junction by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office or Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, then your DUI case will likely be in in the Apache Junction Justice Court. On the other hand, if arrested on DUI charges by the Apache Junction Police Department, your case would likely be in the Apache Junction Municipal Court.

    Apache Junction Justice Court
    575 N Idaho Rd, Suite 200
    Roy Hudson Complex
    Apache Junction, AZ 85119
    Judge: Shaun Babeu
    Phone: 480-982-2921
    Fax: 520-866-6153
    Jurisdiction: Covers parts of San Tan Valley, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon.

    Apache Junction Municipal Court
    300 E. Superstition Blvd.
    Apache Junction, AZ 85119
    Judge: James W Hazel, Jr.
    Phone: 480-982-8250
    Fax: 480-982-4496
    Jurisdiction: Town of Apache Junction.

    Tobin Law Office Offers an Effective and Diligent Defense in Apache Junction DUI Cases.

    When up against a DUI in Apache Junction, Arizona, you’re looking at harsh and complex consequences. That’s why it’s unwise to represent yourself. With severe DUI penalties available to the Judge and Prosecutor, you might bargain your case away against experienced DUI Prosecutors. From experience as a former DUI Prosecutor, Mr. Tobin can tell you that the Apache Junction’s government agencies don’t have your interests in mind; they see you as another DUI Defendant in a long line of convictions that makes money for the State.

    To successfully deal with your Apache Junction DUI, you deserve an affordable Scottsdale DUI attorney who’s familiar with Arizona’s DUI laws, and Apache Junction’s DUI courts. You also want someone able and willing to put plenty of time and effort into your Apache Junction DUI.

    Tobin Law Office comes with the following benefits in Defending against an Apache Junction, Arizona DUI.

    • Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans: Tobin Law Office offers experience and knowledge in Apache Junction DUI cases at an affordable flat rate. The cost of an effective DUI defense is known up front, with no surprise costs or hidden fees. Our affordable Arizona criminal defense lawyers are here to help.
    • Familiarity with the Apache Junction Courts: Being a short distance away off the US 60 in Mesa, Tobin Law Office is a quick drive from Apache Junction, which is why Mr. Tobin practices in these Courts often.
    • Former Prosecutor: Mr. Tobin is a former Maricopa County Prosecutor. He prosecuted cases from the East Valley, including those from the Apache Junction area.
    • Personal Attention and Responsive Communication:  Mr. Tobin personally handles all aspects of the DUI. Instead of working with secretaries or paralegals, you’ll work with your attorney. In addition, Mr. Tobin’s clients all have his cell phone and e-mail for consistent communication.
    • Free and Confidential Consultations: When you contact Tobin Law Office, you’ll be put in direct contact with Mr. Tobin to discuss your case in detail and answer any questions promptly.

    Tobin Law Office Can Do the Following, and More, in Your Apache Junction DUI.

    • Attend several DUI hearings in your place so that you don’t have to take time away from work and/or family.
    • Find and raise available DUI defenses.
    • Negotiate dismissals and/or reductions in the charges.
    • Fight the suspension of your license.
    • Avoid increased insurance costs.
    • Prevent and/or reduce monetary assessments, jail, probation, and collateral DUI consequences.

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