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Arizona is known as a Zero Tolerance state, boasting some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation. Prosecution is aggressive and conviction leads to steep fines, fees, license suspension, home detention, and jail time, not to mention a lifelong impact on personal rights and your career.

If you have been accused of a DUI, it is vital to get the guidance and protection of an experienced Chandler DUI defense attorney.

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    Aggressive Legal Representation To Face DUI Charges

    Tobin Law Office a five-star criminal defense law firm near you in Chandler, specializing in guiding clients as they navigate DUI allegations and other criminal charges. Our legal team fully understands the severity of Arizona prosecution as they investigate anyone supposed to be guilty of driving under the influence, and work diligently to consider every angle as we build an aggressive, individualized defense strategy to protect your rights and clear your name.

    With five-star ratings across the web and a strong reputation for optimal outcomes, Tobin Law Office is dedicated to providing quality representation in all types of DUI cases, from simple to complex. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the allegations against you.

    A Reliable DUI And DWI Defense Law Firm Near Chandler

    A Reliable DUI & DWI Defense Law Firm Near You

    It can be overwhelming to know what to do next when you have been notified of DUI charges against you. It is critical to remember that you do have Constitutional rights, no matter the situation! You have the right to be represented by a Chandler DUI attorney, and to remain silent during the investigative process until your attorney is present.

    Attempting to talk your way out of the situation will only make the outcome worse. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

    Comprehensive Legal Help From Our DUI Lawyers

    Defend Your Rights Against DUI Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

    Because Arizona is a Zero Tolerance state, you can expect to be aggressively investigated and prosecuted for DUI charges. Whether you are facing a Simple DUI or an Extreme DUI, having a reputable Chandler DUI law firm on your side will make all the difference in the outcome. At Tobin Law Office, our legal team is diligent, compassionate, and thorough, providing the best chance for you.

    Build A Solid Case Strategy With Chandler DUI Attorneys
    Build A Solid Case Strategy With DUI Attorneys

    When you consult with a DUI lawyer near you in Chandler at Tobin Law Office, you can expect our entire legal team to work diligently in finding loopholes in the accusations against you. We examine every angle as we build a defensive strategy tailored specifically to you and your needs.

    Free Consultations On DUI Charges Near Chandler
    Free Consultations On DUI Charges Near Chandler

    Every person is entitled to a completely free consultation at Tobin Law Office, where our Chandler DUI lawyers take time to get to know you and understand the charges made against you. We discuss your defense options, case objectives, and goals. We never pressure you to hire us, but always offer sound legal advice.

    Professional Legal Counseling For DUI Cases In Chandler
    Professional Legal Counseling For DUI Cases

    As a former DUI prosecutor, Mr. Tobin is the absolute best resource for you as you navigate through the legal process. We don’t give you a sales pitch or information that sounds nice. Instead, our Chandler defense attorneys have your best interest in mind and guarantee open, frequent communication from start to finish.

    Tobin Law Office Defends Clients In All Types Of DUI Charges

    At Tobin Law Office, we know that Arizona laws are harsh and confusing, which means you deserve to be represented by a lawyer who understands the laws intimately. We give you the best chance at overturning your charges or achieving reduced fines and less jail time. Tobin Law Office is prepared to defend you against a variety of DUI allegations with a tailored defensive strategy.

    Tobin Law Office Defends Clients In All Types Of DUI Charges

    Types Of DUI Charges Our Law Firm Handles:

    Legal Defense For Regular DUI Cases In Chandler

    Regular DUI

    A Regular DUI occurs if you have been caught driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. Prosecution will need to show proof without a doubt that you had a specific BAC within 2 hours of driving a vehicle, in order to bring conviction. With strict legal DUI laws in Arizona, it is completely prohibited to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol to any degree.

    Simple DUI

    If you were caught operating a vehicle under the influence with no aggravating factors, you could be charged with a Simple DUI. SImple DUI is typically considered a misdemeanor but can be enhanced to a felony depending on the circumstances. It is important to note that even individuals using a prescription medication from their doctor could be charged with a Simple DUI, as Arizona law is quite strict and straightforward.

    Flat Rates For Simple DUI Cases In Chandler
    Experienced Legal Defense For Underage DUI Cases In Chandler

    Underage DUI

    It is prohibited by Arizona law for individuals under the age of 21 years to drive with any amount of alcohol or drugs in their system. If you have been caught driving under the influence and are under the age of 21, you can expect to face Underage DUI allegations. Not only will you face a DUI because of Arizona’s strict laws, but there will also be additional charges for being underage.

    Extreme DUI

    An Extreme DUI refers to situations where the BAC of a driver was recorded between 0.15% and 0.20%. Conviction of an Extreme DUI leads to more severe penalties including jail time and fines, probation, counseling, interlock device, suspended driver’s license, and more. You will need to be represented by an experienced, tenacious Chandler criminal defense attorney to ensure an optimal outcome for your case.

    Aggressive Legal Defense Extreme DUI Cases In Chandler
    Professional Defense Lawyer For Super Extreme DUI Cases In Chandler

    Super Extreme DUI

    A Super Extreme DUI is the highest degree of allegations and applies to situations where the driver’s BAC was higher than 0.20% within 2 hours of driving. Conviction of a Super Extreme DUI leads to harsh mandatory minimum DUI penalties and consequences, as you will face additional charges of Extreme DUI, Simple DUI, and Regular DUI. It is vital to get the guidance of a Chandler DUI lawyer.

    Marijuana DUI

    Driving while under the influence of marijuana is also considered a DUI by Arizona law. Marijuana is a legal substance, but the Zero Tolerance policy still covers prescription drugs and does not allow any wiggle room for impairment of any kind. Tobin Law Office is a team of prepared Chandler marijuana DUI attorneys who can provide effective, affordable defense for your protection. Schedule your consultation with us today!

    Skilled Legal Defense For Marijuana DUI Cases In Chandler
    Leading Legal Defense For Drug DUI Cases In Chandler

    Drug DUI

    Individuals taking prescription drugs of any variety can be arrested for DUI in Arizona. Even if the drug was prescribed by their doctor for a health condition, they can be arrested and charged if an officer suspects impairment. Find exceptional legal guidance and strategic defense against drug DUI charges at Tobin Law Office. We are available 247/ to offer consultation, counsel, and preparation. Don’t hesitate to contact our office!

    Aggravated DUI

    A regular DUI will be elevated to an Aggressive DUI if the driver’s BAC is 0.16% or higher, if the driver has refused a chemical test, if they have a pending DUI charge, or if they have a suspended or restricted license due to a previous DUI. Arizona heavily prosecutes those facing DUI charges, so it is imperative to have the protection and guidance of a competent attorney.

    Reliable Legal Defense For Aggravated DUI Cases In Chandler

    Schedule A Free & Confidential DUI Case Consultation Near Chandler

    At Tobin Law Office, we believe nobody should face allegations alone. We offer a free, no-pressure case consultation where our legal team takes time to discuss your situation and understand your needs and goals. We offer honest guidance as we explain the options available to you. Click below to contact our Chandler DUI defense law firm, whether through phone or email!

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    “I couldn’t have picked a better attorney to help me with my case. Tim truly treated me like a human being vs just another number on his list. After being fully paid, he insisted we keep fighting for a better plea vs take the original offer. In the long run I was given the best possible plea deal I could have been given. Tim answers my questions or concerns soon after they are sent. He has always made himself available when I needed to visit with him. If I ever need help again in the future, I will definitely be working with Tim again. I would recommend Tim to anyone!” — Brock S.

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    “Tim Tobin is absolutely the man you want to represent you for a DUI in Arizona. Nobody wants to be in this predicament but he will put you at ease for the entire process. Also, he is very attentive to your emails, phone calls and any other form of communication. At no point will you feel or be in the dark about what is happening with your case. The Best part about having him on your side is his experience and knowledge about DUIs in the state of Arizona. I promise you won’t regret the decision in choosing him. I definitely don’t.” — Paige V.

    5 Star Rated Review
    I Highly Recommend Tim Tobin!

    “First of all, I have to say I highly recommend Tim Tobin! He knows what he is doing and is very professional and honest. I was very stressed out about my case due to the serious consequences I was facing but he helped me get my case reduced and I could not be any happier with the outcome. Tim is very good at following up throughout the process and his fees are very reasonable. In the end, he saved me a lot of time and money. I appreciate Tim and all he has done for me. Thank you so much again!” — Ashley O.

    5 Star Rated Review

    Why Hire Chandler’s Preferred DUI Attorneys

    Results-Driven & Aggressive Legal Representation

    With decades of experience under our belt defending clients against a wide range of DUI charges, Tobin Law Office offers tenacious, thorough representation for each of our clients, leaving no stone unturned as we consider every angle to build an individualized defensive strategy. When you choose Tobin Law Office, you can expect clear, honest communication from start to finish, so that you always know what is coming next.

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    Legal Questions About DUI Charges

    There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about DUI charges in Arizona, as every state carries different regulations and laws. Visitors from out of state may not be aware of the Zero Tolerance policy and may find themselves in unintentional trouble with law enforcement. Tobin Law Office is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide guidance where needed. You can also browse our frequently asked questions below!

    Some individuals may opt to fight their own battle and attempt to overturn DUI charges on their own. However, because Arizona has a Zero Tolerance policy and will heavily prosecute anyone facing charges, it can be extremely difficult to fight back without the help of a competent lawyer. Drunk driving charges do have the ability to be reduced to reckless driving, but not without the help of an experienced lawyer who knows which strategy to take. Even if you intend to plead guilty and accept the consequences of your actions, having an experienced DUI attorney on your side will give you the best chance at achieving an optimal outcome.
    Not all DUI cases end up with an interlock device as the consequence. Essentially, an ignition interlock is a device specially designed to prevent drivers from starting their vehicle after they have been drinking alcohol. These highly sensitive devices require a breath sample test from the driver in order for the vehicle to actually start. Anyone facing DUI charges with a BAC of 0.08% or higher is at risk for this ruling, because Arizona law requires the installation and monitoring of an interlock device, even first time offenders.
    Every DUI case is unique and has a different set of circumstances. You can typically expect misdemeanor DUI cases in Arizona to take anywhere from 2 months to 1 year to fully resolve, but there are many factors to be considered that have an effect on the time period. Many people do not realize that after you are arrested for a DUI, your prosecutor has up to 1 full year to place charges on you for misdemeanor DUI, and up to 7 full years to charge you for a felony DUI. Once convicted, a DUI can stay on your record for up to 5 years.
    It is easy to panic or feel overwhelmed if you have been stopped by police under suspicion of DUI. You have the right to respectfully deny the breathalyzer test in the field and wait for the blood test, but remember that it may not bode well for the outcome of your case. Do not attempt to talk your way out of the situation or to be overly cooperative. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Remember that you do have the Constitutional right to remain silent until an attorney is present, and to have that attorney present during the investigative process.
    Yes, drivers in Arizona who have been stopped due to suspicion of driving under the influence do have the right to refuse a field sobriety test and wait for a blood test. However, remember that may not look good to the jury in the outcome of your case, and doing so can lead to arrest on the spot. The refusal can be easily used against you under the claim that your refusal means you were afraid to fail the test and thus were guilty of driving under the influence.