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Tim Tobin, Your Chandler DUI Attorney!Chandler, Arizona DUI Courts impose harsh DUI Penalties. The consequences of a Chandler DUI include jail time, fines, surcharges, license revocation, extra car insurance, drug and alcohol classes, community restitution, and much more. All of this adds up to thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, a Chandler DUI conviction leaves you with a permanent criminal record.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Chandler, you should immediately consult an experienced Chandler DUI lawyer. It’s crucial that you learn your rights as soon as possible. For instance, you may have only 15 days to request a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office, or risk losing your license.

Arizona DUI Attorney Tim Tobin has practiced DUI defense for several years providing his clients with excellent and aggressive DUI representation. Mr. Tobin, a former DUI Prosecutor, has specifically prosecuted cases with the Chandler Police Department. Mr. Tobin is also familiar with Chandler’s DUI courts, Chandler DUI Prosecutors, and Chandler’s DUI judges. Conveniently located on Stapley Drive, off the US 60, Tobin Law Office is just seven (7) miles north of the Chandler Municipal Court (Chandler City Court) and the San Marcos Justice Court. Attorney Tim Tobin is also a resident of Chandler, AZ. He and his family live just a couple miles from the Chandler City Court and Chandler’s Justice Courts in Chandler’s Historical downtown.

What am I facing in a Chandler DUI Charge?

The penalties you face in a Chandler DUI depends on the specific DUI charges and your criminal history. Mandatory minimum penalties range anywhere from 1 day in the county jail for a regular misdemeanor DUI to years in prison for a felony DUI. Mr. Tobin’s summary of Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI Penalties provides an excellent overview of minimum and maximum penalties you face in a Chandler DUI.

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A Chandler DUI Has Two Phases

Attorney Tim Tobin can represent you in both phases of your Chandler DUI Case.

  1. MVD Hearing: the MVD proceeding deals with the automatic suspension or revocations of your license. After a DUI arrest, you need to request a hearing with MVD within 15 days or face automatic loss of your license.
  2. Criminal DUI Case: The criminal court process determines what charges, if any, you are guilty and the penalties.

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    Chandler DUI Courts.

    If you have a misdemeanor DUI case in Chandler, it will likely be in either the Chandler Municipal Court or in the San Marcos Justice Court. You can figure out which court you’re in by looking at the police paperwork. If you were charged by Chandler Police, you should be in the Chandler Municipal Court . If you were instead charged by Arizona’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) or Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), you’ll likely be in San Marcos Justice Court. Both courts are conveniently located on Chicago Street in Chandler’s downtown historic area next to the Chandler Police Station.

    Chandler Municipal Court
    200 E. Chicago St.
    Chandler, AZ 85225
    Phone: 480-782-4700
    Fax: 480-782-4752

    San Marcos Justice Court
    201 E. Chicago Street
    Chandler, AZ 85225
    Phone: 602-372-3400
    Fax: 602-372-3468

    Tobin Law Office Offers Excellent Chandler DUI Defense

    Individuals charged with a DUI in Chandler, AZ face severe and permanent consequences. As such, it’s never a good idea to go into it alone. Looking at severe DUI penalties, you’d be going up against the DUI judge, police, and the prosecutor’s office—all of whom are trained and experienced in Chandler’s DUI laws. I assure you that the Chandler government entities don’t your interest at heart. They merely see you as number and a person to convict.

    To successfully defend your Arizona DUI case, you want an attorney who’s familiar with Arizona’s DUI laws—and someone who’s familiar with Chandler’s DUI courts. You also want a defense attorney that’s ready to put in the necessary energy into your DUI case. Tobin Law Office offers that and much more.

    Tobin Law Office Provides Affordable Chandler DUI Lawyer Services

    Tobin Law Office Has Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans: Mr. Tobin offers his experience and knowledge in the Chandler DUI Courts at a flat fee rate. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks. No matter how much time your case takes to successfully resolve, you pay the same flat price. Get the affordable criminal defense in Arizona you deserve.

    Tobin Law Office is familiar with the Chandler Courts: With Tobin Law Office located a short distance from the Chandler City Court and Chandler Justice Courts, Mr. Tobin practices at Chandler DUI courts regularly. Mr. Tobin and his family are also residents of Chandler, Arizona.

    Former Chandler DUI Prosecutor: Attorney Timothy Tobin has specifically prosecuted DUI cases from the Chandler police department.

    Former Court-Appointed Public Defender: Mr. Tobin has handled a high volume of cases in his career. This has taught him to maximize limited resources in defending DUI cases.

    Personal Attention and Open Communication: Tobin Law Office is solely focused on criminal and DUI defense. It’s our goal to provide focused and custom service for our DUI clients. Unlike large Scottsdale DUI law firms, Mr. Tobin limits the number of DUI cases we take, so that his clients receive adequate time and attention. Furthermore, Mr. Tobin personally handles the DUI cases from start to finish. Instead of working with clerks, associates, secretaries, or paralegals, you will work directly with Mr. Tobin. And lastly, all of Mr. Tobin’s clients have his cell phone and e-mail for consistent communication.

    Tobin Law Office Can Do the Following in Your Chandler DUI Case.

    • Raise legal arguments and defenses to Arizona DUI charges.
    • Investigate and interview witnesses in your case.
    • Fight the suspension of your license.
    • Help avoid increased insurance costs for your car.
    • Fight for less jail, home detention, and probation.
    • Cut down the fines, penalties, fees
    • Cut down the community service hours
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    Contact Us for a Free Case Evaluation

    Consultations are Free: If you have questions or concerns about your Chandler DUI, you can discuss your case either in person, or over the phone. We can discuss the DUI charges and your specific situation. Mr. Tobin will give you honest advice about your Chandler DUI to alleviate your concerns. He will also provide you with as much information as he can to reduce your anxieties.

    Client Reviews

    Tim had my best interests at heart!

    “My experience with the Tobin Law Office was nothing short of spectacular. Tim is very knowledgeable with the law he practices and knows the court systems very well. ”

    5 Star Reviews of Tobin Law Office In Mesa
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    Timothy was always fast to respond!

    “Tim was courteous, his portal is very easy to navigate and paying online is a breeze. Everything about my experience with the Tobin Law Office was pleasant.”

    5 Star Reviews of Tobin Law Office In Mesa
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