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DUI Defense Lawyer

Charged with DUI?

Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation. DUI charges involve jail, home detention, steep fines and fees, license suspensions, interlock ignition, increased insurance premiums, drug and alcohol counseling, community service, and restitution. All of this adds up to thousands upon thousands of dollars—not to mention stress and anxiety. If convicted of a DUI, you’ll have a criminal record that’s accessible to law enforcement, government agencies, and employers. If you’ve been accused of DUI, it’s in your best interest to contact a Mesa DUI attorney as soon as possible to protect all your rights and interests.

Arizona Law Takes DUI Seriously, So You Need a Serious Defense Attorney

The one commonality of successfully defended DUI cases is a defense attorney who understands Arizona DUI laws and is willing put in the necessary time and effort into your case.  With the help of a compassionate and diligent DUI attorney, you stand a much better chance of reaching the best possible outcome in your DUI case.

What am I Facing with DUI Charges?

The potential consequences of your DUI case depends on the specific DUI charges, your BAC level, your criminal history, your license status, and the age of passengers. Mandatory punishments and penalties range from 1 day in jail for a simple misdemeanor DUI to several years in prison for a felony DUI. Regardless of your specific circumstances, I’m here to help you through this difficult time.

A DUI Case Has Two Parts: (1) Criminal Case and, (2) MVD Case (Your Driver’s License)

DUI cases involve two separate legal proceedings: a criminal case and an administrative hearing at MVD. I can represent you in both matters.

MVD Hearings. MVD hearings address your driving privileges.  After a DUI arrest, you must request an MVD hearing within 15 days or face automatic license suspension. An MVD hearing will decide if, and how long, your driver’s license will be suspended.

Criminal Case. The criminal DUI case involves criminal charges in a criminal court. This process determines what charges you are guilty of and what criminal penalties, if any, you receive. Your DUI charges and penalties will be dropped, reduced by plea agreement, or resolved at trial. In most cases, you’ll be able to reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor; however, the assistance of an assertive and diligent defense attorney will help get you the best possible deal.

Having an experienced DUI defense attorney in Scottsdale with you during the MVD and Criminal portions of your case is important to make sure that all your rights are full protected and asserted. This helps to minimize or avoid the countless consequences that come with a DUI.

I Can Help You in Your DUI Case.

The smartest thing you can do after a DUI is hire a DUI attorney that will dedicate personal time and attention to your case. I’ll do just that. I’ll sit down with you to discuss your defenses and case objectives. There’s no sales pitch or misinformation—only direct and honest advice. As a former DUI prosecutor and court-appointed defense attorney in DUI’s, I have the experience and tools to give you the best defense in your DUI case.

When you hire me, you’ll have my personal cell phone number and personal email; we’ll have frequent and open communication from start to finish.

What Can I Do in Your DUI Case?

  • Look for holes and defenses to seek a dismissal, reduced charges, or acquittal.
  • Investigate and interview witnesses to help dismiss or reduce charges.
  • Prevent or reduce the suspension of your license.
  • Avoid increased insurance premiums.
  • Ensure that your rights are defended.
  • Avoid or reduce jail time.
  • Avoid or reduce probation.
  • Avoid or reduce fines, penalties, fees, community service, and assessments.
  • Negotiate reasonable time frames to pay fines and fees, perform community service, and participate in drug or alcohol counseling.

Types of DUI Cases I Can Help You With

Where’s Your Misdemeanor DUI Case? City (Municipal) or Justice Court.

If you have an upcoming misdemeanor DUI case—it will either be in city court or justice court. This information should be in the paperwork you received from police. If you were charged by city police, you’ll be going to city (municipal court). If you were charged by DPS, you’ll be going to a Justice Court. Either way, you’ll need an experienced and dedicated attorney to help you.

I can help defend you in the following misdemeanor DUI courts.

City Courts

Maricopa Justice Courts

Let me deal with the complexity and anxiety of this situation for you. You can be confident that you’ll be in good hands and that you’ll have an experienced, affordable criminal defense attorney in Arizona—and former prosecutor—in your corner.  

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