When charged with a criminal misdemeanor by the Maricopa County’s Sheriff’s Office or the Department of Public Safety within North Mesa Justice Court’s jurisdictional boundaries, the criminal case will be heard at the North Mesa Justice Court.

North Mesa Justice Court is located in the “Court Center” building on South Mesa Drive, directly across from Mesa’s MVD Office. The court center building is set back from Mesa Drive, and thus, easy to miss.

North Mesa Justice Court Location
1837 South Mesa Drive
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Contact North Mesa Justice Court
Phone: 480-926-9731
Fax: This Court Does Not Accept Fax

North Mesa Justice Court Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except holidays.

Information for the North Mesa Justice Court North Mesa Justice Court Parking.
There’s free parking in the front parking lot of the court center building. There’s covered parking; however, it’s mostly reserved. You’ll need to pay attention to the parking signs. There’s handicap parking near the entrance.

Who is the North Mesa Justice Court Judge?
Cecil Ash is the Justice of the Peace for North Mesa Justice Court; he was elected in 2012. Unlike most justices, Judge Ash is an attorney with significant experience in criminal law. Prior to becoming a Judge, he interned at the Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office, served as legal advisor to the Director of DPS, and was a public defender. Judge Cecil Ash was also a State Legislator.

Tobin Law Office Provides Experienced and Knowledgeable Criminal Defense at North Mesa Justice Court.

Tobin Law Office is located off the US 60, just one mile east of the North Mesa Justice Court; North Mesa Justice Court is literally in our back yard. With it so close, we consider it a home court.

Being down the street, Tobin Law Office is familiar with the North Mesa Justice Court Judge and prosecutors. Attorney Tobin’s former employer—Maricopa County Attorney’s Office—is the same office responsible for prosecuting North Mesa Justice Court cases. For these reasons, Tobin Law Office is familiar with the nuances of North Mesa Justice Court.

When up against charges at North Mesa Justice Court, it’s important to seek out a Mesa criminal lawyer who’s familiar with North Mesa Justice Court. It’s an added benefit if that attorney formerly prosecuted cases for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office because it provides valuable insight to the other side. Most importantly, it’s crucial to retain counsel who’s willing to put in the time and energy your case deserves.

Look at Your Police Paperwork for Your First Court Date at North Mesa Justice Court.

Your citation or bond receipt will contain your first court appearance at North Mesa Justice Court. The first court appearance is usually the arraignment.

Q: What do I do when I get to North Mesa Justice Court?
A: Once parked, walk through the outdoor hallway of the Court Center building. The Court is straight ahead at the end of the outdoor courtyard. There’s often a line out the door, so it helps to be early. Once inside, you’ll need to go through security. Never bring illegal items or weapons to court. Once through security, check in at the service counter to your right. Court staff will direct you where to wait. When inside the courtroom, remember to be quiet and respectful. You’re not supposed to talk or use cell phones. When your name is called, step forward and politely address the Judge.

Q: What should I wear and bring to the North Mesa Justice Court?
A: You should dress respectful for court. We advise that you avoid, sunglasses, sandals, and anything offensive or provocative. Business casual attire appropriate. Dressing professionally makes a positive impression on the judge and prosecutors.

Bring any paperwork that’s related to your case. If you have proof of fixing any civil charge, you should bring that. If you’ve completed a finger print order, it’s sometimes helpful bring the receipt.

The Court doesn’t permit candy, gum, drinks, or food. Your cell phone, and other devices, must be put away in silent mode. You may bring children to the courthouse; however, if they cannot remain quiet in the courtroom, staff will ask them to remain outside.

Q: First Court Date: Arraignment at North Mesa Justice Court
A: Unless you hire a criminal lawyer to represent you, you must appear for your North Mesa Justice Court arraignment. It’s important that you appear on time. If you don’t show up, or you’re late, failure to appear charges will be filed, a warrant will issue, and your license will be suspended.

The Judge will address the following at arraignment: your name and address; the charges and applicable penalties; and your plea—guilty or not guilty. This isn’t the time to discuss substantive issues in the case. Any issues in your case will need to be addressed at a later court with the prosecutor. A Judge won’t entertain motions or evidence at the arraignment.

We almost always recommends that Defendants plead not guilty at arraignment. Defendants have several defenses, plea bargaining options, and diversion programs to take advantage of. Once you admit guilt, you give up most of your rights and options. Even if you think you’re guilty without a defense, the arraignment is rarely a good time to take responsibility. Once you enter a guilty plea, you waive the right to negotiate penalties, negotiate a dismissal, or participate in a diversion programs. For those reasons, enter a not guilty plea and consult a criminal defense attorney who practices in the North Mesa Justice Court.

The Court will usually address release conditions at arraignment. Release conditions range anywhere from secured appearance bond to remaining out of custody on your own recognizance Specific release conditions depend on charges, facts, personal circumstances, victim input, and any relevant information. In most misdemeanor cases, own recognizance is ordered with standard conditions.

Tobin Law Office Eases the Stress and Complexities of the Arraignment and Pretrial Conferences.

Tobin Law Office files paperwork to avoid having to show up to arraignment; thereafter, we can appear at future hearings, in your place, so you won’t have to take time from work or family to attend lengthy court hearings.

Pretrial Conferences.

After arraignment, the remaining hearings before a trial, dismissal, or plea agreement are called pretrial conferences. At each pretrial, you, or your attorney, will meet with the prosecutor to review evidence, discuss issues, and negotiate a resolution.

North Mesa Justice Court usually holds several pretrial conferences before a case is resolved by dismissal, plea bargain, or trial. Evidence and testimony are not heard at pretrial conferences; rather, these informal status hearings serve to facilitate case resolution.

For each pretrial conference, you’ll need to show up to Court—unless you’ve hired an attorney. Check in at the service counter. You’ll be directed to wait in the waiting room. It’s smart to show up early because there can be a long line to see the prosecutor. A prosecutor will eventually come outside and call your name to discuss the case in the prosecutor’s office. You’ll notice that attorneys are typically heard first as a professional courtesy.

When your name is called, you’ll meet with the prosecutor to negotiate and discuss the case. Mr. Tobin will tell you that the prosecutors are not there to help you. They’re often cordial and polite; however, their job is to convict you and move the docket. From their prospective, you’re just another person they’re looking to convict in a long line of cases. They’re not there to protect your individual rights, interests, or futures.


If your case cannot be resolved at pretrial conferences, it will be set for trial where evidence and testimony is presented to determine guilt or innocence. A trained prosecutor would present the case against you. If convicted, the judge will likely sentence you that same day. If jail is ordered, you must usually turn yourself in within 30 days.

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Potential Penalties at North Mesa Justice Court

North Mesa Justice Court only hears misdemeanor cases. Under Arizona law, a misdemeanor is a crime that carries no more than 180 days jail. Depending on the specific type of misdemeanor charges, there can be probation, financial penalties, classes, restitution, counseling, and more. Additionally, a misdemeanor conviction can leave you with a permanent criminal record that can be seen by employers, agencies, and financial institutions.

Maximum jail for misdemeanors per the Arizona Revised Statutes: A.R.S. § 13-707.

  • Class 1 Misdemeanor: 180 days jail.
  • Class 2 Misdemeanor: 120 days jail.
  • Class 3 Misdemeanor: 30 days jail.

Maximum fines for misdemeanors per Arizona Revised Statutes: A.R.S. § 13-802.

  • The Total court payments can exceed $10,000 after surcharges, assessments, and costs.
  • Class 1 Misdemeanor: $2,500, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs
  • Class 2 Misdemeanor: $750, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs
  • Class 3 Misdemeanor: $500, plus surcharges, fees, assessments, and costs

Other Penalties. Monetary penalties, probation, driver’s license implications, restitution, community service, treatment, classes, courses, loss of rights, immigration consequences and much more.

DUI Penalties. Take a look at our page on Arizona’s misdemeanor DUI penalties: Arizona’s Misdemeanor DUI penalties.

Consult with an Experienced North Mesa Justice Court Criminal Lawyer

When you face a misdemeanor or DUI charge at North Mesa Justice Court, it’s crucial to have a defense lawyer who’s familiar with North Mesa Justice Court; an experienced defense can guide you through this overwhelming process while protecting your future. A criminal defense attorney, who regularly practices at North Mesa Justice Court, puts you in the best position to reduce or dismiss charges, limit penalties, and protect your rights and future.

Tobin Law Office provides Defendants with an excellent criminal defense for any criminal charges at North Mesa Justice Court. Here’s a list of the most common charges we handle at North Mesa Justice Court.

North Mesa Justice Court Lawyer Timothy Tobin

Q: What if I have a warrant out of North Mesa Justice Court?
A: When you discover an active warrant from the North Mesa Justice Court Justice Court, it should be addressed as soon as possible; that’s because it can lead to your arrest, the suspension of your license, and additional criminal charges. Tobin Law Office has a high success rate in appearing in court, or filing a motion, to quash misdemeanor warrants. Quashing the warrant avoids posting a bond, losing your license, and being arrested.

Q: What if I cannot attend my next Court date at North Mesa Justice Court?
A: Court is not optional and you must be present for every hearing. The only exception is if you hire a lawyer to appear for you. If you fail to show up for any scheduled court date, a warrant will issue for your arrest, a bond will be set, and your license may be suspended. Your options are to hire a defense attorney or go to Court to ask for a continuance. This isn’t something that can be handled over the phone. Also, North Mesa Justice Court does not accept faxed pleadings.

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