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Facing any criminal charge is difficult and emotionally overwhelming. And trying to find the right lawyer only adds to that stress. There are varying concerns of accessibility, experience, and trustworthiness when choosing a lawyer. There are also financial and budgetary concerns: you want an experienced and dedicated defense, but also, fair, affordable, and transparent pricing. At Tobin Law Office, we’re dedicated to providing excellent criminal defense, while not overcharging our clients. We offer simple and affordable flat rates, with no hidden fees or surcharges. We also have affordable Arizona criminal defense payment plans.

Before we address legal fees, however, we strive to educate our clients about their specific charges and circumstances. It’s our hope that we can offer clear and concise information while easing the types of concerns that accompany a criminal case.

Below you’ll find information about some of the more common charges in Arizona. If a charge applies to you, we encourage you to click and learn more. You can also call us: we’re here to provide free consultations to ease your concerns and make sense of your options.


Attorney for criminal charges in Chandler, ArizonaAggressive driving charges occur when a driver allegedly commits a combination of moving violations during one continuous period of driving. The prosecution must establish more than just three moving violations: it must prove that the driving behavior caused an immediate hazard to a person or vehicle. If you’ve been charged with aggressive driving in Arizona, call Tobin Law Office today for a free consultation.


Criminal speeding tickets are issued for driving at certain threshold speeds that are considered excessive. Excessive speeding offenses and can lead to hefty fines, penalties, and possible jail time. Tobin Law Office has a high rate of success in reducing or eliminating criminal speeding charges to keep the conviction off your record.


Getting into an accident can be frightening, and in the moment, you might not know what to do. Fleeing from the scene of an accident, or hit-and-run charges, can bring about harsh consequences. If you’re faced with Hit and Run Charges, call us to learn how Tobin Law Office can help.


Domestic violence isn’t technically a crime, but rather, an allegation that the victim has a “domestic relation” to the accused. A domestic violence allegation exposes you to increased punishments and additional collateral consequences. If convicted, you must complete, at least, 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling. It also impacts your gun rights, child custody, and future employment.


Commonly known as disturbing the peace, Arizona’s disorderly conduct law has become a catch-all for police to charge members of the public simply for being rude or offensive. Arizona’s disorderly conduct statute is far too often used to improperly arrest Defendants. With Tobin Law Office, there are defenses and legal options that can be explored to avoid a conviction.


In Arizona, misdemeanor assault charges results when there’s a report to police of unlawful physical force, such as offensive touching, pushing, hitting, pinching, slapping, and more. Assault can even include mere fighting words or threats. Defendants are sometimes charged with assault when the conduct was slight or they acted in self-defense. At Tobin Law Office, we understand that even misdemeanor assault must be taken serious with every legal avenue explored for our clients.


Under Arizona’s Threatening or Intimidating law, it’s a crime to threaten or intimidate violence toward persons or property. Take comfort in knowing that Tobin Law Office can help. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, we have vast experience with these cases to provide you excellent representation.


If you’ve been charged with defacing or damaging personal property, tampering with property to impair its function, performing graffiti art on personal property, or intentionally damaging utility property, get the defense you need from Tobin Law Office.


Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree means that you’re charged with having entered or remained on property after being requested to leave by law enforcement, owners, tenants, or security personnel. If you are being faced with these charges, call Tobin Law Office today to receive a dedicated criminal trespass defense.


Possession or use of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia, Narcotic Drugs, and Dangerous Drugs can all lead to serious penalties and lasting consequences. Let Tobin Law Office aid you in any drug or alcohol related offenses. With years of legal experience in drug prosecution and defense, Attorney Tobin can provide you with excellent criminal defense services.

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