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Chandler, Arizona’s criminal courts enforce harsh penalties. Even a misdemeanor in Chandler can leave you with a permanent criminal record. When facing criminal charges in Chandler, AZ, it’s wise to call a qualified and experienced Chandler Defense Attorney who’s familiar with Chandler Courts and Arizona law. Arizona Criminal Lawyer Timothy Tobin has practiced criminal law for several years providing his clients with quality and effective criminal defense services in Chandler, AZ.

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    No matter what type of charges you are facing, or if you have been wrongly accused, our Chandler criminal defense lawyers at Tobin Law Office are qualified to defend your rights. As a five-star legal team, Tobin Law Office carries the experience necessary to offer expert guidance and successful representation through every aspect of your case. Whether your case is open-and-shut, or extensively complicated, we are here for you.

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    Chandler’s Misdemeanor & Felony Criminal Courts

    Our Criminal Attorneys Can Defend You In The Following Courts

    If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor in Chandler, it will likely be in either Chandler Municipal Court, Kyrene Justice Court, or San Marcos Justice Court. To determine which court you’re in, look at your police paperwork. If you were charged by Chandler Police, you’ll be in Chandler’s Municipal Court; however, if you were cited by Arizona’s Department of Public Safety or the Sheriff’s Office, you’ll be in one of Chandler’s Justice Courts. These courts are located across from one another on Chicago Street in Chandler’s historic downtown district. The Municipal Court is at 200 E. Chicago Street and the Justice Courts are at 201 E. Chicago Street.

    Chandler’s Justice Courts

    201 E. Chicago Street Chandler, AZ 85225

    Why Choose Tobin Law Office?

    Tobin Law Office Provides Aggressive Criminal Representation

    Familiarity With The Chandler Courts

    Familiarity with the Chandler Courts

    Located only a few miles from Chandler’s Courts, Mr. Tobin practices in the Chandler courts regularly.

    Free Consultations

    Free Consultations

    With a call or message, you’ll be put in direct contact with Mr. Tobin to answer your pressing questions and concerns.

    Formerly Prosecuted Chandler Cases

    Formerly Prosecuted Chandler Cases

    Mr. Tobin prosecuted Chandler cases as a deputy county attorney for Maricopa County.

    Personal Service and Effective Communication

    Personal Service and Effective Communication

    Mr. Tobin handles all aspects of the case. Clients won’t need to go through gatekeepers, secretaries, or paralegals to talk to their attorney. Mr. Tobin’s clients have his personal cell phone and email.

    Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans

    Transparent Flat Fees and Payment Plans

    Tobin Law Office’s services in Chandler are always charged at a flat rate. There’s no hidden fees or costs, giving you the affordable criminal defense in Arizona you need.

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    • Provide expert legal counsel
    • Raise pre-trial defenses and motions
    • Attend court hearings on your behalf
    • Raise available defenses
    • File appropriate motions throughout your case
    • Negotiate with the prosecutor for a dismissal or reduction in charges
    • Lift holds on driver’s licenses
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    Chandler Criminal Attorney With 5-Star Client Testimonials
    Tobin Law Office Criminal Defense Tobin Law Office 1910 S Stapley Dr #221, Mesa, AZ 85204 480-447-4837

    Honest & Prompt Attorney

    “Tim is very responsive to emails and calls. I really feel like Tim had my best interests at heart throughout my case and I'm ecstatic about the results.”

    5 star rating of Tobin Law Office in Chandler
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    Tobin Law Office Criminal Defense Tobin Law Office 1910 S Stapley Dr #221, Mesa, AZ 85204 480-447-4837

    Tim Helped Reduce My Charge!

    “Tim was courteous, his portal is very easy to navigate and paying online is a breeze. Everything about my experience with the Tobin Law Office was pleasant.”

    5 star rating of Tobin Law Office in Chandler
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    Tobin Law Office Provides Excellent Criminal Defense In Chandler’s Courts

    Tobin Law Office Provides Excellent Criminal Defense In Chandler’s Courts

    When up against criminal charges in Chandler, Arizona, you face harsh and lasting consequences. If you try to handle the case yourself, you’ll be up against Chandler’s experienced judges and prosecutors; and they all have extensive training and experience in Arizona criminal law. Mr. Tobin will tell you that the government doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They see as one of many Defendants to convict without concern for your future.

    When charged with a crime in Chandler, you should hire a criminal defense attorney that’s familiar with Chandler’s Courts, Chandler Agencies, and Arizona law. It’s also imperative to have a lawyer that can devote the necessary time and effort to your individual case.

    Benefits Of A Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorney In Chandler

    Tobin Law Office Provides These Benefits For All Clients

    Mr. Tobin, a former prosecutor of two government agencies, previously prosecuted criminal cases referred from the Chandler Police Department. Tobin Law Office is familiar with Chandler Courts, Chandler Judges, Chandler Prosecutors, and Chandler Police. Tobin Law Office is conveniently located off the US 60, only a few miles north of Chandler’s Criminal Courts: Chandler Municipal Court, Kyrene Justice Court, and San Marcos Justice Court. Mr. Tobin’s family lives only a short distance from Chandler’s historic downtown.

    • Mr. Tobin and his team of defense lawyers are personally invested in each client. We see everyone as a unique individual, not just another statistic, and ensure each of our clients has direct access to speak with Mr. Tobin.
    • Because we carry extensive experience defending clients in the courts of Arizona, we can provide confident representation and aggressive defense of your rights. We know what the courts are seeking and how to achieve optimal results for your situation.
    • Each of our Chandler criminal lawyers is well-versed in Arizona criminal law, and works diligently to keep their knowledge current with laws and regulations that are constantly fluctuating, so that we can provide skilled representation for our clients.

    Additional Practice Areas – Tobin Law Office

    We Provide Quality Criminal Defense In The Following Areas

    Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

    Learn How Our Top Rated Criminal Attorney Can Help

    No matter your stance in your case, having a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer on your side will have a direct impact on the outcome. The courts do not have your best interest in mind, and hiring a lawyer can help with every aspect of your situation.
    While the actual length of time will vary depending on several factors in your case, you can expect the total court process to last anywhere from a few months to 2 years. Your defense lawyer from Tobin Law Office will do everything possible to expedite the process for optimal outcome.
    Defendants facing charges almost always see better outcomes if they hire a lawyer. No matter your charges or how complicated the situation, a criminal defense lawyer will be able to provide expert guidance step by step, and know how to fight strategically for your rights.
    The very first thing that you should do after learning about your charges or being arrested is to find a qualified criminal defense lawyer. You have the right to remain silent and only speak to your attorney about the case, and your outcome will likely be more positive.
    Yes! A reputable criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the legal options available to you after a wrongful accusation, and you will certainly need the help of a skilled private attorney to overthrow the charges and clear your name. Tobin Law Office is ready to help!

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    At Tobin Law Office, you will receive a free initial consultation where we focus our time and effort to understanding the details of your case. We immediately begin building a strategic defense so that we can protect your rights with confidence while in court. Call Tobin Law Office today or complete the online form below to speak with an attorney!

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