What Drug Crime Are You Charged With?

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Defending Against Drug Charges with the Help of Tobin Law Office

When visiting our website with concerns over your Arizona drug charge, we hope that we can educate you about your specific situation. By offering clear and concise information, we can ease common concerns that accompany Arizona drug cases. We want you to be armed with a fundamental understanding of what you’re facing, as well as your options, rights, and defenses.

In Arizona, drug charges can carry hefty fines, drug courses, jail time, and worst of all, a permanent criminal conviction. At Tobin Law Office, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance with the help of a strong defense. Even if your only goal is to avoid a felony, or negotiate for a dismissal through diversion, it’s wise speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Mesa. We  ensure that you’re not taken advantage of and afforded available opportunities.

Attorney Tim Tobin has represented clients in drug cases for several years. And in a previous position, he was a lead felony drug prosecutor. With this background in prosecution and criminal defense, he understands both sides the case, also providing affordable criminal defense in Arizona.

On this page, you’ll find a list of the most common drug charges in Arizona. If one applies to you, we encourage you to click and learn more. Our consultations are always free, friendly, and confidential. Clients are usually surprised by how affordable our fees can be in drug cases. Contact Tobin Law Office today to get the help you need for your Arizona drug charges.

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