What THeft or property Crime Are You Charged With?

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Mesa Defense Attorney for Theft and Property Crimes

We hope our criminal law website can help you understand Arizona’s theft and property crimes, potential financial and legal consequences, and possible defenses against these charges. At Tobin Law Office, it is our goal to educate you about your specific charges and circumstances. Dedicated to providing the best legal service in the Valley, we strive to offer clear and concise information to help ease your concerns and answer your questions about your property and theft charges.

At Tobin Law Office, we understand that facing a property or theft crime is stressful. And trying to find the right attorney can be overwhelming. You may have concerns about accessibility, experience, and trustworthiness when choosing your lawyer. You likely want an experienced and dedicated defense, but also, fair and transparent pricing. At Tobin Law Office, we’re dedicated to providing you with a diligent and experienced criminal defense with affordable flat rates and payment plans. Arizona attorney, Tim Tobin, has worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney for several years. He understands how these cases are handled from both sides of the aisle and uses that insight to fight for his clients.

Browse our website to find information on common property and theft charges in Arizona. We encourage you to click and learn more about your specific charge, possible defenses, consequences, and legal advice. If you don’t see your specific charge, or if you simply want some free legal advice, please give us a call today at 480-447-4837. Our Gilbert theft and property crime attorneys provide free, friendly consultations to ease concerns and make sense of your options. You can also send us your questions via our criminal law contact form.

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