What Violent Crime Are You Charged With?

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Tobin Law Office: Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa, AZ – Crimes of Violence

Violent crime charges can haunt you for years. If convicted, you can miss out on job opportunities, or even lose fundamental rights, such as the ability to vote or to own a gun. All that is in addition to the penalties you will face if you are convicted, such as serious jail time, steep fines, probation, and counseling.

At Tobin Law Office, our first aim is to educate you about your violent crime charge. We hope that our website can offer some clear and concise information to alleviate common concerns and answer frequent questions. In the boxed section above, you’ll find information on some specific violent criminal charges in Arizona. If a charge applies to you, we encourage you to click and learn more about the specific charge, potential financial and legal consequences for such charges, and possible legal defenses. If you don’t see your specific charge listed above, or if you need more information on your specific criminal charge, please give the Gilbert criminal attorneys at Tobin Law Office a call today at 480-447-4837. We’re here to provide free and confidential consultations to ease your lingering concerns and make sense of your legal options.

Experience that Gets Results

Tobin Law Office represents clients who face even the most severe of violent criminal charges, and we’re dedicated to getting results. That means pouring over your case to understand every last detail and to explore every possible legal defense available to help you achieve a desirable outcome. Attorney Timothy Tobin has years of experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, so he understands how to approach these cases from every angle. Call us today to learn more about your legal options and to start talking with a Mesa criminal defense attorney who is committed to protecting your future. We have a dedicated team of affordable criminal defense lawyers in Arizona to help you.

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